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Power amplifiers

AA’s acousto-optic amplifiers are linear with large bandwidth and medium power. The models below cover a variety of bandwidths from 1MHz to 3 GHz. Output powers up to 80 W are available. Each amplifier is supplied with its heat sink and all are stable and reliable under all conditions.For High power amplifiers, AA proposes models up to 500 W CW.

Additional information

ModelFrequency RangeGainOutput PowerFlatnessPower Supply
AMPB-B-30-10.50010-500 MHz> 34 dB1 W+/- 0,5 dB24 VDC
AMPB-B-30-10.90010-900 MHz> 34 dB1W+/- 2 dB24 VDC
AMPB-B-34-10.50010-500 MHz> 38 dB2.5 W+/- 0,5 dB24 VDC
AMPB-B-34-10.90010-900 MHz> 38 dB2.5 W+/- 2 dB24 VDC
AMPB-B-36-10.50010-500 MHz> 40 dB4 W+/- 0,5 dB24 VDC
AMPB-B-36-10.90010-900 MHz> 40 dB4 W+/- 2 dB24 VDC
AMPA-B-4050-150 MHz41 dB10 watts+/- 1 dB24 VDC
AMPA-B-4250-150 MHz44 dB15 watts+/- 0.5 dB24 VDC
AMPA-B-4735-45 MHz48 dB50 watts+/-0.75 dB24 VDC