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Stability and long term vision… is driven by

Customer Excitement
High-value solutions that meet the technological, performance, safety, and cost-competitive pressures that challenge our future
Societal Responsibility
Solutions answering the paramount considerations of versatility, environmental protection, security and social coordination
100% successful
Successful on-time, on-quality, on-price introduction of new products and processes
Develop your business
Technology leadership to fuel business growth

Telecommunications, Industrial & Research, Biomedical & Life Science, Defence & Aerospace, Sustainable development

In our industry, the pace of the competition is permanently intensifying, the time-to-market for breakthrough technologies is decreasing, while the integration of technologies becomes as important as the individual breakthrough technologies themselves.
Our mission is to be a focal point for Research & Technology and for innovation across our expertise fields. We also steer the AA Group-wide harmonisation of transversal technical processes, methods and tools, and skills development programmes. Since Innovation is not only about Research and Technology but also about increased quality and optimized information and production processes.

Fundamentally, our Research & Technology strategy is to drive the emergence and development of new European microwave and optoelectronic technologies to maturity, to help our customers and partners meet the evolving needs in our home markets and emerging markets. Our Research & Technology strategy creates the company’s technology portfolio and aligns it with the business strategy. It has a clear focus on growing markets and the key technologies for a successful on-time, on-quality, on-price introduction of new products and services.

We keep the innovation pipeline constantly full to replace ageing technologies and processes. Our researchers are developing technologies which are directly related to the requirements of today’s society, we always keep in mind the needs of our customers as well as the maintainability and the life-cycle costs of our products.

The skilled AA Group workforce is our real treasure. We recognize that the technical expertise of our employees is of vital importance for a successful future. Together with our Human Resources department, it is a key job for us to keepthis expertise at the appropriate level and to strengthen our competencies by developing and managing our R&T employees.