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DDS, Phase controllable, Multi-channels

The MPDSPxxnCmX is a multi outputs driver based on DDS (Direct Digital Synthesizers)
which offer high frequency accuracy and stability. Each DDS are locked in phase when driven at
same frequency and can be phase controlled over 14bits. The frequency and power is driven
through USB/RS232 communication. External control signals allow user for fast AM control of
the channels/outputs. Embedded power amplifiers up to 4 watts per output. For higher power,
AA will provide external power amplifiers.

*Phase Locked Outputs, Phase controllable (14bits)
*Multi Outputs, Multi channels
*Analog AM controls + USB/RS232 (FM+PM+AM)

Additional information


Amplitude control (AM)0-10 V / 0-5V
Frequency control (FM)USB/RS232
Frequency rangeMax 10-275 MHz
Frequency resolution1 KHz
Number of channels2 to 4
Phase control (PM)USB/RS232
Power Supply24VDC (or 110-230 VAC)
OPTIONS4 to 8 channels
External clock Reference