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AA-GROUP is a Human size, independent Group involved in High Technologies in the fields of Opto-electronics, Radio frequency and Microwave technologies. Our aim is to become a worldwide leader in providing solutions from the beginning of the design, to the manufacturing of high quality components and systems. Our objective is to master all specialties of our jobs, thanks to an in-house vertical concentration, in order to offer flexibility, State-of-the-Art and cost effective products to our national and international customers and partners.

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AA OPTO-ELECTRONIC, Acousto-optic and RF drivers
AA  is a french leader in the design and manufacturing of acousto-optic components and associated Radio frequency drivers for various scientific and industrial applications. An engineering team allows AA to also offer the design and manufacturing of custom solutions.


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MATECH Radiofrequency, Microwave components
AA MATECH is a french leader in supplying global sourcing solutions for radio Frequency and Microwave products and Systems. Range of products covers Passive components, Active components, Waveguides as well as Integrations and Sub-systems. An engineering team allow Matech to offer the design and manufacturing of custom solutions.



MCS develops, designs and manufactures RF & Microwave components for military, space, telecom or commercial applications. Product range includes passive components (Couplers, Dividers, Filters…) up to 50 GHz, Broadband power Amplifiers up to 8 GHz, 500 Watts, Fast power Switches, and engineering services.



Created in 1992 by Thierry DUCHEMIN, HYPTRA, the acronym of “HYPerfréquences (Microwave) TRAnsmission, designs and manufactures a full line of turn-key antenna systems including sub-systems.


Quanta Tech

QuantaTech is specialized in providing acousto-optic solutions in USA, Canada and South America. This includes the widest range of standard acousto-optic components and radio frequency drivers covering wavelength range from deep UV (180 nm) to far infrared (11 µm), as well as frequency drivers up to 3 GHz, 500 Watts CW. Entire range include acousto-optic Modulators, Frequency shifters, Deflectors, Scanners, AOTF (Tunable Filters), Fibre pigtailed components, Pulse Pickers, Q-switches, Polychromatic Modulators (AOTFnC), Frequency sources, Power amplifiers…