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Deflectors & Variable Frequency Shifters

A Bragg configuration gives a single first order output beam, which intensity is directly linked to the power of RF control signal, and which angle is directly linked to the RF frequency.

By varying the frequency, the output laser beam angle is modified. A deflector is used to scan a laser beam over a range of angles, or to control with accuracy the output angle of the laser beam. By varying the frequency, the first order beam is also frequency shifted by the amount of the RF carrier frequency: it acts like a variable frequency shifter.

The main parameters to qualify a deflector are 1. Deflection angle range and 2. Resolution.

The deflection angle range is the maximum angle variation of the laser beam: it is linked to the frequency range of the device. The resolution of a deflector is the number of distinct directions which can be ad- dressed by the deflector: it is linked to the deflection angle range and laser divergence.
Two deflectors can be used in serie and at right angles to give full two-dimensional scanning.


Additional information

High Resolution

ModelMaterialWavelength nmAperture mmxmmFreq (Shift) MHzPolarisationResolution T.DFDeflexion angle rangeEfficiency %Associated RF drivers
DTSX-250TeO2375-1600*4,5 x 4,5f(λ)Linear300@633nm48@633nm> 70
DTSX-400TeO2375-1600*7,5 x 7,5f(λ)Linear500@633nm48@633nm> 70
DTSXY-2502 Axis TeO2375-1600*4,5 x 4,5f(λ)Linear300x300@633nm41 x 41@532nm> 45
DTSXY-4002 Axis TeO2375-1600*7,5 x 7,5f(λ)Linear500x500@633nm41 x 41@532nm> 45
DT230-B120A0,5-UVTeO2400-4500,5 x 17,5230+/-60Linear50011,4@400nm> 50
DT230-B120A0,5-VISTeO2450-6700,5 x 17,5230+/-60Linear50015@532nm> 50

Low Resolution

ModelMaterialWavelength (nm)Aperture mm²Frequency shift (MHz)PolarisationResolution TΔFDeflexion angle (mrd)Diffraction Efficiency (%)*Associated RF drivers
MQ200-B30A1.5-244.266-BrFused Silica244-2661.5 x 2200+/-15Linear51,3@266nm> 60
MQ110-B30A1-UVFused Silica325-4251 x 2110+/-15Linear101.8@355nm> 60
MT200-B50A0,5-400.442TeO2400-4420,5 x 2200+/-25Linear/random235,4 @458nm> 80
MT200-B100A0,5-VISTeO2450-7000,5 x 2200+/-50Linear/random4712,6@532nm> 70@633nm
MT110-B50A1-VISTeO2450-7001 x 2110+/-25Linear/random236,3@532nm> 65@633nm
MT110-B50A1,5-VISTeO2450-7001,5 x 2110+/-25Linear/random236,3@532nm> 65@633nm
MT80-B30A1-VISTeO2450-7001 x 280+/-15Linear/random143,8@532nm> 65
MT80-B30A1,5-VISTeO2450-7001,5 x 280+/-15Linear/random143,8@532nm>65
MT200-B100A0,5-800TeO2750-9500,5 x 2200+/-50Linear/random4718,6 @785nm> 60
MT200-B40A1-800TeO2750-9501 x 2200+/-20Linear/random197,4 @800nm> 70@785nm
MT350-B120A0,12-800TeO2750-9500,2 x 1350+/-60Linear/random2822,8@800nm> 60
MT250-B100A0,5-800TeO2750-9500,5 x 2250+/-50Linear/random4719@800nm> 60
MT200-B100A0,5-800TeO2750-9500,5 x 2200+/-50Linear/random4719@800nm> 60@785nm
MT110-B50A1-IRTeO2700-11001 x 2110+/-25Linear/random239,5@800nm> 60@785nm
MT110-B50A1,5-IRTeO2700-11001,5 x 2110+/-25Linear/random239,5@800nm> 60@785nm
MT80-B30A1-IRTeO2700-11001 x 280+/-15Linear/random145,7@800nm> 70@785nm
MT80-B30A1,5-IRTeO2700-11001,5 x 280+/-15Linear/random145,7@800nm> 70@765nm
MT200-B100A0,5-1064TeO2980-11000,4 x 2200+/-50Linear/random4725,3@1064nm> 35
MT200-B100A0,2-1064TeO2980-11000,2 x 1200+/-50Linear/random4725,3@1064nm> 60
MT110-B50A1-1064TeO2980-11001 x 2110+/-25Linear/random2312,6@1064nm> 55
MT110-B30A1,5-1064TeO2960-11001,5 x 2110+/-15Linear/random147,6@1064nm> 60
MT80-B30A1-1064TeO2980-11001 x 280+/-15Linear/random147,6@1064nm> 60
MT80-B30A1,5-1064TeO2980-11001,5 x 280+/-15Linear/random147,6@1064nm> 60