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Fiber Pulses Pickers

Extracting pulses…

AA propose a selection of fiber pigtailed pulse pickers for 1030-1080nm, 1300-1600nm and 1900-2100nm with compact or VSF packages.

Other models for different wavelengths, type of fibers and connectors are available on request.


Additional information

Compact ModelWavelength(nm)*Fiber TypeConfiguration**Frequency Shift (MHz)***Rise Time (ns)Max Laser Power (W)Insertion Losses (nom dB)Associated RF driver
MT80-IIR30-FIO-PM1300-1550PM2 Ports803012.5
MT200-IR10-FIO-PM1030-1080PM2 Ports2001013
MT250-IR6-FIO-PM1030-1080PM2 Ports25060.53.5
MT80-FIR40-FIO-PM1900-2100PM2 Ports80400.5, 54